It's late at night
and you're hungry for flesh
I know a place
where the meat's always fresh

If you feast upon the livng
It's got what you need
it's where all the undead go
when they wannna feed

Zombie House
Whoa oh oh
Zombie House
Whoa oh oh

You're fresh from the grave
and there's no one in sight
How you gonna find some food
this late at night?

Double order of guts
with a side of brains
This diner caters to
reanimated remains


We're servin' up brains eight different ways
You can get them 24 hours a day
Scattered on the grill and covered with cheese
Now smother those brains with onions if you please
Chunked with ham and capped with shrooms
Get your brains diced and topped if you've got the room
Or maybe do peppered brains for a spicy test
Zombie House brains are simply the best



from The Ancient Cry of the Tyrannosaur, released August 29, 2009




Attractive Eighties Women Atlanta

Attractive Eighties Women sound like a cross between Molly Hatchet and an eighth grade talent show.

“Like Andy Kaufman meets the ‘Mats at the dog end of a three-day amphetamine-fueled performance art bender." - Chad Radford

"Like a tornado of two-hundred Led Zeppelins, out-of-control and bearing down on a South Georgia trailer park." - Kilgore Trout

"Them boys are swampwise." - Okefenokee Joe
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