Surfing or AIDS (I'll Take Surfing)

from by Attractive Eighties Women



This song is the first single from our upcoming album, The Ancient Cry of the Tyrannosaur.


Summer time's here
and it's time to have some fun
Load my board in my woodie
gonna show 'em how it's done
But the beach is closed down
There's been a toxic spill
of medical waste
No, This is not a drill

Syringes and needles
are floating in the seas
I wanna go surfing
Not catch a disease
I grab a haz-mat suit
Gonna give it a whirl
next thing you know
I'm shooting the curl

Surfing or AIDS?
I'll take surfing!
Surfing or AIDS?
I'll take surfing!
Surfing or AIDS?
I'll take surfing!
Surfing or AIDS?
I'll take surfing!

Now I'm hanging ten
riding on a killer wave
feelin' like a big kahuna
headed to an early grave
On Biohazard Bay
no one as brave as me
Hope I don't end up
like my man Eazy-E

I'm having fun in the sun
Yeah, I'm having a blast
As strips of bloody gauze
go floating past
I scream cowabunga!
And wipe out in the sea
If they can cure Magic Johnson
then why not me?



from The Ancient Cry of the Tyrannosaur, track released July 27, 2009
Produced by Joel Mullis and Attractive Eighties Women.

Written and arranged by Attractive Eighties Women. Song intro inspired by “Theme from Jaws,” written by John Williams. Recorded March - June 2009 at Fatback Sound Studio, Sandy Springs, GA and Metronome Studios, Scottdale, GA. Engineered and Mixed by Joel Mullis. Mastered by Chris Griffin at Griffin Mastering, Atlanta, GA.




Attractive Eighties Women Atlanta

Attractive Eighties Women sound like a cross between Molly Hatchet and an eighth grade talent show.

“Like Andy Kaufman meets the ‘Mats at the dog end of a three-day amphetamine-fueled performance art bender." - Chad Radford

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"Them boys are swampwise." - Okefenokee Joe
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