She Made My Heart Walk the Plank

from by Attractive Eighties Women

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She set me out to sea
on a red sky morning
She called me a scurvy dog
It came without a warning
She said she’s through with me
And my drinking and my lies
So I said “fuck you bitch,
I hope you fucking die”

She made my heart walk the plank
Arrrr Arrrr Arrrr Arrrr
She made my heart walk the plank
Arrrr Arrrr Arrrr Arrrr

That wench left me alone,
It’s time to drink some ale
I’m headed to the pub
To raise a little hell
I think I’ll start a fight
Or make out with some whore
Then down a few more beers
'Til I pass out on the floor


At first I was a little sad
That you’d gone away
But the beer helps me forget
That I cared anyway
Now I’ve got 12 mugs down
And another 12 to go
All me hardies shout together


Women are all crazy
And I'm tired of their shit
Just because I'm always drunk
They go and throw a fit
This song is dedicated to all
The women I’ve pissed off
I’m gonna keep on drinking
You can all fuck off


I used to know this girl
I met her in a village
On the coast of an island
We were about to pillage

Thought we were so happy
Can't believe what happened
She abandoned my ship
To sail with another captain

I thought she was the one
But she was just a skank
That's the last time I let a bitch
Make my heart walk the plank


from Live - Coup D'é Ta​-​Ta's, released January 15, 2008
Music and Lyrics by Attractive Eighties Women
Recorded and mixed by Joel Mullis at Fatback Sound Studio
Produced by Joel Mullis and Attractive Eighties Women




Attractive Eighties Women Atlanta

Attractive Eighties Women sound like a cross between Molly Hatchet and an eighth grade talent show.

“Like Andy Kaufman meets the ‘Mats at the dog end of a three-day amphetamine-fueled performance art bender." - Chad Radford

"Like a tornado of two-hundred Led Zeppelins, out-of-control and bearing down on a South Georgia trailer park." - Kilgore Trout

"Them boys are swampwise." - Okefenokee Joe
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